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Wir halten Sie auf dem Laufenden. Lesen Sie hier Neuigkeit über uns und über weitere interessante Themen rund um die englische Sprache.

Better late than never

Business English word of the Week  Geschäftsenglisch Estimate The noun estimate refers to a general idea about the value, size or cost of something based on a rough calculation. Estimate can also be used as a verb, but the pronunciation is a bit different; click here...

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To turn a blind eye

Business English word of the Week  Geschäftsenglisch After-sales service After-sales service refers to the service, such as maintenance and repairs, that you continue to provide after your customer buys your product or service. Sample sentence: Our company’s...

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To leave or put something on the back burner

Translate the Text: Übersetzen Faten, Rico, Heike, Simone and Frank. Österreich (England, Deutschland, Frankreich) ist ein Land. Ist der Markt schön? Wir bauen nichts. Ihr seht den Markt nicht. Afrika ist kein Land. Dieses Schloß ist schön. Wir bauen ein Haus. Die...

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To save someone’s Bacon

  Business English word of the Week  Geschäftsenglisch Counteroffer A counter offer is an offer you make in response to an offer made by another party. If you’re unhappy with an offer someone has made to you, you may make a counter offer. Sample sentence: Michael...

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Pulling out all the stops

  Vocabulary for Negotiations Verhandlungen Feasible = Possible, something that can be done. "A feasibility study" = To carry out a study to see if something can be done or not - cost, materials, time etc. "Figure out" = Find a solution; calculate or estimate the...

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“to throw in the towel”

  Business English word of the Week  Geschäftsenglisch accreditation the act of granting official approval or recognition Their alleged status is said to have been disclosed in an accreditation check by ISO 9001. acknowledge declare to be true or admit the existence...

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A dime a dozen

  Business English word of the Week  Geschäftsenglisch Expand The verb to expand means to increase the size or amount of something. In business, we often talk about expanding a department or a business. Sample sentence: I hear that your company plans to expand into...

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I’m not firing on all cylinders

Isn't the point not to use the second part of the rhyme - I bought it off a bubble in wood green ie bubble and squeak = Greek     Business English word of the Week  Geschäftsenglisch Organize The verb to organize means to arrange something in an orderly way (such...

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A blessing in disguise

  Vocabulary for Negotiations Verhandlungen 'Condition' A stipulation or requirement which must be fulfilled. 'Counter-offer' offer made in response to an offer by the other party. 'Counter-productive' having the opposite effect to that intended. 'Deal' A...

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As nutty as a fruitcake

The Irish surname Brislin is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic patronymic name Ó Breisláin, or "descendant of Breisleán." Early Origins of the Brislin family The surname Brislin was first found in Donegal (Irish: Dún na nGall), northwest Ireland in the province of...

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