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Wir halten Sie auf dem Laufenden. Lesen Sie hier Neuigkeit über uns und über weitere interessante Themen rund um die englische Sprache.

English Language Teaching interesting words/ homework

My Blog  Word of the day: Verdict, judge, judgment, prudence, counsel, consent, innocent, guilty, not guilty, cause, effect, affect, possession, to possess, purse, wallet. So, be prepared for the next lesson having found these words in German and written 10 sentences...

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Gone to the Dogs!

My Blog  Word of the day: Hoodwink (synonyms = Deceive Trick Dupe Delude Con Fool) Take in, to pull the wool over somebody's eyes. Phrase of the day:  "You're not fit to be in authority until you learn to come under authority." Idiom of the day:  "Go to the dogs" =...

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As dead as a Dodo!

Word of the day: Diplomatic Words abrogate     revoke formally His government has abrogated constitutional amendments curbing presidential powers, which were introduced after the Orange Revolution. New York Times (Aug 5, 2011)  Phrase of the day: “I’m bored out of my...

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Amusing stories from my lessons in the past 20 years.

Once in the VHS I asked a female student to read the part of a person in the text. The dialogue read, "Oh! My ankle is killing me!" Unfortunately, she read, "Oh! My uncle is killing me!" This year, whilst teaching at the TU Dresden I taught on "Business English" in...

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Some new additions

My Blog   Word of the day:   blase Blasé Means nonchalantly or unconcerned, it’s French! There is a lot of French in the English language… unfortunately…. Phrase of the day: “A problem shared is a problem halved.” Idiom of the day: Bill ‘let the cat out of the...

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Word of the day:   implemented Forced or compelled or put in force. Phrase of the day: to get something ‘sorted’ (out) = like to sort something into a logical order, but also to solve a problem. Idiom of the day: To do the ‘donkey work’ = for example: to do all the...

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