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Translate the Text: Übersetzen

Susann, Faten, Rico, Heike, Simone and Frank.

Die Tomate

Marmelade oder Honig?

Magst du Honig?

Die Milch ist kalt

Die Butter

Sie essen Butter

Das Frühstück

Ich Frühstücke

Die Nuss

Die Früstück ist nicht fertig.

Sie Frühstücke

Das Müsli ist ohne Nüsse

Die Schwester isst Nüsse

Die Milch

Sie isst eine Tomate.

Das Mittagessen beginnt.

Das Mädchen sieht einen Pilz.

Wir essen zu Mittag.

Mittagessen ist fertig.

Diese Schokolade schmeckt salzig.

Das Mädchen hat ein Hähnchen.

Das Huhn.

Das Mädchen isst eine Tomate.

Ich mag Pilze.

Ich esse zu Mittag.

Das Rezept ist nicht schlecht.

Business English word of the Week  Geschäftsenglisch

The following abbreviations may be used in both spoken and written communications:


Nice and simple. This one’s short for a document.

Can you email me the doc before lunch?


This abbreviation for To Be Announced is often used in the planning of business events to indicate that something is scheduled to happen but some details still have to be confirmed and announced later.

The new Finance Manager will be joining us next month. The actual date is TBA.


Law English word of the Week  Recht Englisch

The person of the first part / The person of the second part. (This is the way a contract will refer to the separate parties of the contract instead of just writing their name every time.)


Vocabulary for Contracts Verträge


A negotiated or legal understanding between two or more groups of people.

Sample Sentence:

“We’ve finally come to an agreement. Please make the changes in the contract and we’ll sign it tomorrow.”

Vocabulary for Negotiations Verhandlungen


Discuss a business deal in order to reach an agreement.

Sample Sentence:

We need to negotiate with the owner of the company, because only he has the authority to strike a deal.


Word of the day:

Why do you call someone a fruitcake? countable noun. If you refer to someone as a fruitcake, you mean that they are mad or that their behaviour is very strange.

Sample Sentence:

“The newspaper reporter suggested that he thought that the last President of the US was a Fruitcake!”


Phrase of the day:

as nutty as a fruitcake means to be completely insane. Crazy, idiotic, as in  The adjective nutty meaning “insane” was first recorded in 1821; the similarity to fruitcake, which literally contains nuts as well as fruit, was first recorded in 1935.

Sample Sentence:

Mark is as nutty as a fruitcake if he expects to learn German by the end of the year!


Idiom of the day:

to draw money out of your bank account.

to pay money into your bank account.


British English (B.E.) / American English (A.E.) Vocabulary:

British English / (B.E.) = Petrol Station / Filling Station

American English (A.E.) = Gas Station

Sample Sentence:

Where is the nearest petrol station?(B.E.)

“Where is the nearest gas station?” (A.E.)

Special Grammar tip of the week:


Simple tips to remember:

Use ON when talking about a DAYOn Monday, on Tuesday, on Christmas Day, On Easter Sunday etc.

Use IN when talking about a specific time of the dayIn the morning, in the afternoon etc. BUT AT night.

Use AT when talking about TIMEAT 6 pm, AT 4:15 pm, at noon, at midday, at 7:30 am.  etc.

NOTE: AT Christmastime, Eastertime. This is because you use the word TIME.


Pronunciation tip:

Which wrist watches are Swiss wrist watches?

Try and say this sentence ten times quickly without a mistake.

Versuchen Sie, diesen Satz zehnmal schnell und fehlerfrei zu sagen.


False Friends Tip of the Week:

German     Translation            False Friend (F.F.)   Meaning of F.F.

eventuell   possible, maybe        eventually           irgendwann; schließlich


Slang word of the day:


A fun little piece of British slang that means a situation is cool, okay, or normal.

Sample Sentence:

 “Once we’ve finished the last bit of painting the outside of the house, then everything will be Hunky-dory again!


Colloquial / Colloquialisms:

  1. Ant that is cruel and oppressive = Tyrant.

  2. Ant that is friendly and lovely = Coolant.

  3. Ant that changed from evil deeds to good deeds = Repentant.

  4. Ant that accumulated so much food in winter for summer = Abundant.

  5. Ant that doesn’t need a change = Reluctant.


Cockney rhyming slang:

Dicky or Dickie = dickie bird = a “word= as innot a dickie, or evennot a dickie bird” 

Sample Sentence:

Keep quiet! I don’t want to hear a dickie bird from you! Got it!?


Quote of the week:

I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday.” W. C. Fields.

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