If you do not know why this is a little bit funny, then you need to ask me.


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Susann, Faten, Rico, Heike, Simone and Frank.

Ich mag keine Feuerzeuge.

Mein Feuerzeug ist neu.

Die Frauen mögen die Werkzeuge.

Das ist mein Spielzeug.

Ist das mein Fahrzeug?

Ich habe kein Feuerzeug.

Sein Fahrzeug ist alt.

Wir haben kein Fahrzeug.

Das Spielzeug.

Ich bin nicht dein Spielzeug.

Das Kind hat ein Spielzeug.

Ich habe kein Flugzeug.

Hast du ein Feuerzeug?

Ist das dein Zeug?

Das Fahrzeug.

Das ist nicht mein Zeug.

Mein Werkzeug, bitte!



Pronunciation Problems:


Sample sentence:

I like eating vegetables and I like eating meat. Anyone who does not like eating meat is aMeat Head‘ which is American slang.


Sample sentence:

I feel comfortable when I am wearing loose trousers and not tight uncomfortable ones.

The silent letter ‘L’


Sample sentence:

“I do not like Indian Curry with Almonds and raisins in it”


Sample sentence:

The word Salmon is my favourite word that Germans always pronounce wrong.


Sample sentence:

I dug half a hole today, but then I fell in the whole way and not just by half.“I do nothing by half.”


Sample sentence:

Would be so kind as to read this sentence for me as I am busy chopping some wood?


Sample sentence:

Talk is cheap. Birds don’t talk, but they do go ‘Cheep, Cheep!'”


Sample sentence:

“You don’t just have to ‘Talk the Talk,’ but you also have to ‘Walk the Walk‘ you understand?”

ETC. et cetera

Sample sentence:

“If I want to say “And so on and so on and so forth, I can much more easily just say or write etc. and etc.


Sample sentence:

“This is another one of my favourite words that Germans always pronounce wrong. So, say: the clothes over there do not belong to the clothes over there, but my clothes belong to me, they are my clothes. Your clothes belong to you, they are your clothes, not my clothes. What cloth are your clothes made from?”


Sample sentence:

Women like jewellery, but men do not like jewellery, especially when women want men to buy them expensive jewellery!

K sound

ch = ‘K sound


Sample sentence:

I love architecture that is of the old genre, but the new fashion in architecture wants to make everything ‘functional and not to have any nice bits sticking in and out of here or there!‘”


Sample sentence:

“Since the time of Corona, my stomach has got larger and larger! Heh, Don’t look at my stomach!”


Sample sentence:

“I have a headache from thinking up all these sample sentences!”


Sample sentence:

“I am not very enthusiastic in writing anymore sample sentences!

OR = ‘ER’

Word / world / work

Sample sentence:

“There is one word in this world that I truly hate and that is the word work!”

stressed syllables

The stress in the syllable can change within a word. Check out the words below and see:

Photograph/photography / Photographer / Photographic

Sample sentence:

I like to take photographs, but I am not very good at photography, so I could never be a professional photographer. My face is not very photographic either. Oh well, perhaps I’d better stay a teacher…..


Quote of the week:

The way we get hope is to first get a promise.” Bill Johnson.


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