What does hogwash mean in slang?

Hogwash is complete nonsense, lies, or ridiculous actions.

Sample Sentence:

If an advertisement claims that taking one vitamin pill a day will make you ten times stronger, that’s hogwash.”

The informal hogwash is perfect for talking about falsehoods and foolishness.

Where does the phrase hogwash come from?

From Middle English *hoggewasch (found only as Middle English hoggyswasch (“refuse of the kitchen for feeding pigs”, literally “hog’s wash”)), equivalent to hog +‎ wash.


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Translate the Text: Übersetzen:

Susann, Faten, Rico, Heike, Simone and Frank.

Die Speisekarte ist lang.

Zucker schmeckt süß.

Das Mädchen trinkt ein Getränk.

Ich lese die Speisekarte.

Es ist eine Zintrone.

Wir lesen die Speisekarte.

Die Zitrone schmeckt sauer.

Der Mann kocht die Bohnen.

Die Tomate ist sauer.

Nein, eine Zitrone ist nicht gut.

Ich esse weil er kocht.

Die Kinder essen Bohnen.

Welches Getränk magst du?

Nüsse schmecken lecker.

Warum ist die Suppe sauer?

Ich mag Senf

Das Essen ist scharf.

Der Sadat.

Ist das Knoblauch?

Schokolade ist keine Vorspeise.

Die Zwiebel ist scharf.

Knoblauch schmeckt toll.



Business English Word of the Week:

Geschäftsenglisch Wort der Woche:

To float a company on the stock market.


Law English word of the Week: Gesetz Englisches Wort der Woche:

A Sleeping partner means (or a silent partner) is a colloquial term for a person who provides some of the capital for a business, but doesn’t take an active part in managing the business.

Vocabulary for Contracts: Wortschatz für Verträge:

To be responsible and answerable to the shareholder.


Vocabulary for Negotiations: Wortschatz für Verhandlungen:

To have some injection of liquid assets into the company.



Word of the day: Wort des Tages:

Hogwash means foolish talk or writing; nonsense.

Sample Sentence:

The national newspapers and the Tabloid newspapers are full of Hogwash!



Phrase of the day: Satz des Tages:

Boarding conditions This refers to the type of situation you have paid for to stay at a hotel, guest house etc.

Boarding conditions include in English vocabulary:

Room Only

B&B = Bed and Breakfast

Half Board

Full Board

AI = All Inclusive,

AI+ = All Inclusive Plus and

Self Catering.

Sample Sentence:

“What were your boarding conditions?”


Idiom of the day: Redewendung des Tages:

To provide everything that someone needs or wants: to act as a servant to (someone) “To wait on someone hand and foot.”

Sample Sentence:

“She waited on her children hand and foot.”

I can’t stand the way they wait on her hand and foot!”


British English (B.E.) / American English (A.E.) Vocabulary:

Britisches Englisch / Amerikanisches Englisch Wortschatz:

British English (B.E.) = dynamo

American English (A.E.) = generator.


Pronunciation tip: Aussprachetipp:

“An ape hates grape cakes.”

Try and say this sentence ten times quickly without a mistake.

Versuchen Sie, diesen Satz zehnmal schnell und fehlerfrei zu sagen.


False Friends Tip of the Week:

Falsche Freunde Tipp der Woche:

German   Translation   False Friend (F.F.)   Meaning of F.F.

Fabrik        factory            fabric                           Stoff


Wit, Wit, Wit Business examples:

Witz, Witz, Witz Geschäftsbeispiele:

“High finance isn’t burglary or obtaining money by false pretences, but rather a judicious selection from the best features of those fine arts.”

Quote by Finley Peter Dunne.


Slang word of the day: Slangwort des Tages:

English slang vocabulary = Chav

This is a derogatory (abwertend) British slang word for a young hooligan who normally starts fights and makes trouble. “Chavs” are usually seen as lower class.

A derogatory term = abwertende Bezeichnung

Sample Sentence:

Watch out lads ‘ere come the Chavs again! Let’s get out of ‘ere!


Colloquial / Colloquialisms: Umgangssprache / Umgangssprache:

  1. An Ant that is important = Significant.

  2. An Ant that has been sleeping for a long time = Dormant.

  3. A sarcastic ant = Mordant.

  4. An extremely fast ant = Instant.

  5. An ant shouting loudly, going on and on about something = Rant.


Cockney rhyming slang: Cockney Reimender Slang:

The English slang phraseDucks and Geese= the F–k-in’ Police (no prizes will be given for the missing letters).

Sample Sentence:

Look mates it’s the ole Ducks and Geese again!


Quote of the week: Zitat der Woche:

You can fool some of the people some of the time — and that’s enough to make a decent living.” W. C. Fields


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