Use your loaf

NOTE: Your loaf is your head, or more specifically your brain – your mind – your intellect. So, this phrase Use your loaf means to think clearly, be wise and not stupid. I use this phrase from time to time.

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Susann, Faten, Rico, Heike, Simone and Frank.

Warum muss ich jedes Mal alles kaufen?

Du bist so faul, du backst nie Brot für mich!

Wohnst du auf dem Campus oder in einer WG?

Toto, trink meine cola nicht mehr, bitte!

Ich will diese Jacke kaufen, aber ich habe kein Geld.

Ich trage im Winter meine Socken mit Sandalen.

Trinkst du Orangensaft den ganzen Tag?

Ich trage nie eine Jacke.

Ich trage dieses Kleid nur im Urlaub.

Ich brauche deine Hilfe, sei nicht unhöflich.

Passt deine Kleidung noch, oder gehst du ins Kaufhaus?

Danke für die Hilfe, du bist wirklich ein Schatz.

Ich brauche einen Badeanzug für Mallorca.

Danke, jetzt bist du hilfreich.

Kannst du das T-shirt waschen?



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Business English Word of the Week:

Geschäftsenglisch Wort der Woche:

A business word/phrase = “The Shop Floor” – “blue-collar workers” work on the Shop floor.

The shop floor” is the production area, such as in a factory or another working space and is the floor where workers produce goods. The term “shop floor” refers to the area of a factory where production takes place. The shop floor excludes the area used or designated for administrative activities.

Blue-collar jobs are those that involve a greater degree of physically-taxing or hard manual labour. Blue-collar jobs include farmers, agriculture, manufacturing, mechanics, construction, mining, power plant operators, and electricians or maintenance sectors.


Law English Word of the Week:

Gesetz Englisches Wort der Woche:

A law word/phrase = SpouseEhepartner. A Spouse is a person who is legally married to another.

Domestic partnership allows unmarried couples to claim some of the same benefits that married couples enjoy.

However, there are some differences. Not all states recognize domestic partnerships, and those that do may limit the benefits and protections available to domestic partners.


Vocabulary for Contracts:

Wortschatz für Verträge:

A word/phrase for contracts = The expendituredie Ausgaben.


Vocabulary for Negotiations:

Wortschatz für Verhandlungen:

A word/phrase for negotiations = To pay (for something) over the odds – Zu viel zu bezahlen.

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Word of the day: Wort des Tages:

Incomprehensible – Unverständlich – unbegreiflich – unfassbar.

Sample Sentence:

I find incomprehensible why there are people today trying to make up other gender categories other than the two quite clear and distinct male and female. We are either genetically X & X chromosomes or X & Y.

NOTE: the female is XX and the male is XY. Every individual must have at least one X chromosome. Since the female is XX, each of her eggs has a single X chromosome. The male, being XY, can generate two types of sperm: half bear the X chromosome and half the Y.

Phrase of the day: Satz des Tages:

Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.”


Idiom of the day: Redewendung des Tages:

To speak with one voice – this idiom means if a group of people express an opinion or decide something with one voice, they all agree.

Sample Sentence:

The medical committee voted and they decided, with one voice, not to accept the proposal that there are any more than two genders.”


British English / American English Vocabulary:

Britisches Englisch / Amerikanisches Englisch Wortschatz:

British English (B.E.) = Film

American English (A.E.) = Movie

The English word Film is the correct word as far as I am concerned.

In American English they use the word Movie, this is the wrong word as far as I am concerned.

Sample Sentences:

“I never say the word Movie, only film.” British English.

“I’m going to ‘the pictures’ / the cinema to watch a film.” British English.

“I’m going to the Movies to watch a Movie.” American English.


Pronunciation tip: Aussprachetipp:

To bawl(to cry your eyes out) – ball. These two words bawl and ball are pronounced in the same way.


False Friends Tip of the Week:

Falsche Freunde Tipp der Woche:

German   Translation   False Friend (F.F.)   Meaning of F.F.

Stehen         stand                 stay                          bleiben


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Wit, wit, wit – Drink and Other Drugs:

Witz, Witz, Witz – Trinken und andere Drogen:

“The British Empire was created by men who never drew a sober breath after the age of seven.”

Quote by John Doxat.

Yes that is true, but they also drank a lot of tea…”




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Slang word of the day:

Slangwort des Tages:

To go Arse over tit– to fall down, to stumble (stolpern, straucheln, stocken).

Sample Sentence:

I remember seeing a news item where Nancy Reagan walked across a stage and went arse over tit and nearly broken something – except her pride of course!”


Colloquial / Colloquialisms:

Umgangssprache / Umgangssprache:

wir sagen: die Frage beantwortet sich von selbst -We say: the question answers itself = “is a no-brainer”. This is an AMERICAN Colloquial expression. Not everything that comes from America is stupid or illogical and this example, I very much like. It says it all very simply. =

Sample Sentence:

It’s a no-brainer. You do not have to think about it, this answer is so easy, you would need someone to confuse you – like a politician.”

Example of a no-brainer question.

I have a piece of fruit in one hand and a million dollars in the other, which one do you want?


Cockney Rhyming Slang:

Cockney Reimender Slang:

“Sky” = “skyrocket” = a pocket

Sample Sentence:

“I’ll keep it in my sky for safekeeping, but don’t tell the old ball and chain, the trouble and strife that I’ve got it!”


Quote of the week: Zitat der Woche:

Be open-minded, but not so open-minded that your brains fall out.” Groucho Marx.


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